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POPTalk's podcast

Sep 26, 2021

In this POP Talk episode, the Dr. Lynnette Simm and Lisa Burkhardt Worley will interview former child actor and four-time Jeopardy champion, Jason Karpf, who will share how he reinvented himself after his start as a child actor and game show champ. It's another great POP Talk show!

Sep 23, 2021

In this POP Talk interview, Rosemary Legrand and Lisa Burkhardt Worley interview Dr. Alex Watkins, who has treated over 7,000 COVID patients successfully, including POP Talk co-host Lisa Burkhardt Worley. Hear about her COVID protocol on this program that has saved countless lives.

Sep 16, 2021

Do you ever wonder which movies are appropriate for your family to watch? Join us on our last POP Talk recorded at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, as we interview Dr. Ted Baehr, the Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE, a Family Guide to Moves and Entertainment. Dr. Baehr is also the author of eleven...

Sep 8, 2021

In this POP Talk Radio interview, Lisa Burkhardt Worley and Dr. Lynnette Simm will speak with Debbie Boehm, a woman who travels to the nation's capital to intercede for the United States. Debbie will share how she had to experience healing in her life, however, before she could be used by God.