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POPTalk's podcast

Aug 26, 2022

Do you desire to be more bold about your faith but have some fear when sharing with others? In this POP Talk, Nicki Corinne White will share some insight from her new book, Bold: Living Intentionally in Today's World.

Aug 16, 2022

Biblical patriarch Abraham is known for his great faith because God told him to leave his comfortable home for an unknown land and he did it—no questions asked. In this episode of POP Talk, Aurora Ortega Geis, Dr. Lynnette Simm and Lisa Burkhardt Worley will speak to a pair of modern–day Abrahams named Joe and Ancy...

Aug 9, 2022

Gloria Davila will share her story with POP Talk hosts Dr. Lynnette Simm and Lisa Burkhardt Worley about how, as a mom of four, she lost her husband at a young age. She will explain how she went from anger at God to writing books and songs about God after receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior of her life.

Aug 4, 2022

Pamela Duran tells her story of how she was scammed by someone on Instagram who claimed to be a famous actor and was believable. She will share her story about how she almost gave everything up for an imposter, and will also explain how to recognize scam artists.