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POPTalk's podcast

Sep 29, 2022

Hannah Ratnam had a terrifying dream about a terrorist attack on a church in her native Pakistan prior to the event actually happening. Now she is taking proactive measures to prevent persecution and terrorism in Pakistan and is capturing her dream in a movie. 

Sep 20, 2022

Author and film producer J.T. Clark was an atheist but after a pastor accidentally hit his brother and wife on their motorcycle, instantly killing them, J.T.'s life was turned around. This is a story of forgiveness, salvation, and a renewed perspective on life. The story is now a major motion picture.

Sep 9, 2022

In this episode of POP Talk, Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Aurora Ortega Geis and Michelle Burden speak with Proverbs 22:6 founder, Cyril Prabhu. Cyril's program is changing the statistics in the state of North Carolina. 100% of the children of prisoners graduate from high school and 100% of the incarcerated moms do not return...

Sep 1, 2022

People used to think of Christians as "good" but now Christians are facing more persecution than ever. In this POP Talk interview, Author David L. Johnston will explain why believers are now "High Value Targets." Johnston is the author of High Value Target: WHen the Good Guys Become the Targets.