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POPTalk's podcast

Oct 18, 2022

As a child, Linda Fields almost lost her life in a house fire but that near death was a catalyst for Linda to live her life "on fire." She also helps others to do the same. Hear her story and receive a free coaching lesson on today's POP Talk.

Oct 10, 2022

In this POP Talk, Lisa Burkhardt Worley speaks to Lydia Kaiser, Corporate Communications Specialist for Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF). She'll be speaking about how "Satan" Clubs are starting to infiltrate the nation's elementary schools to counteract the Christian "Good News" Clubs that CEF hosts. Find out more...

Oct 6, 2022

Susan Welch was ahead of her time when she became a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff. Now, almost four-and-a-half decades later she is still serving the Sheriff's Department as a Captian in the Dallas County Sheriff's Posse. Susan is the author of a new book coming out called "She's a County Mountie: From Bullet-Proof...