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POPTalk's podcast

Mar 30, 2023

If you like language, you will be fascinated with this POP Talk interview that Lisa Burkhardt Worley conducts with Dr. William Combs. Dr. Combs speaks about the ancient Hebrew pictograms and takes us to the next level of understanding concerning what was really going on in the Garden of Eden. Dr. Combs' book is Back to...

Mar 17, 2023

Join the POP Talk team of Lisa Burkhardt Worley, Michelle Burden and Renee Rollins as we interview Lynde Griggs, the founder of Belle and Sparrows. Belle and Sparrows helps victimized women all over the world to regain their dignity back by teaching them how to make a living. It's an amazing outreach!

Mar 8, 2023

Did you grow up in dysfunction? How did you carry that dysfunction into your adult life? In today's POP Talk radio interview, Lisa Burkhardt Worley speaks with Ray Leight, Author of Maturing into Yourself. In this interview Leight will share how to truly heal from the past by recognizing unhealthy patterns and allowing...

Mar 2, 2023

In this episode of POP Talk, Analee Vizcarra Vinyard, author of "A Legacy of Love: Shh! Finding the Courage to Finally Speak Out," talks about how she overcame many forms of abuse in her life, as well as heartaches like the premature death of her mom and the loss of her baby. Hear how her faith brought her through these...